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Convergence - 10-Band Multiband Compressor (VST, AU, AAX, LV2)

Convergence - 10-Band Multiband Compressor (VST, AU, AAX, LV2)

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Convergence was created with one goal: To be the best multiband compressor plugin in your arsenal.  This one of a kind compressor features 10 bands of finely-tuned compression.  The bands can be added and removed as needed, allowing for as few as 2 bands and as many as 10.  Each compressor has the standard controls you would expect: Attack, Release, Threshold, Ratio, and Gain.  Along with these controls, Convergence features 3 displays per band that show the envelope of the attack and release settings, the relationship of the ratio to the output, and lastly a historical waveform showing the output compared to the input.

Other features include:

  • Up-sampling up to 8x (2x for the free demo).
  • Global controls for each compressor.
  • Ability unlink specific bands from the global control.
  • Frequency response display.
  • Interactive frequency crossovers.
  • Pre and post-gain controls.
  • Alignment buttons to quickly snap crossovers into position.

Demo Version

Since you can never have enough free multiband compressors, we provide a limited-functionality demo mode.  In this mode, Convergence is still a powerful compressor plugin but restricted to 4 bands at most.

The demo version is free to use commercially so if 4 bands is all you need, then enjoy! If you ever decide that 4 bands isn't enough, we're happy to provide you with 10 bands and 8x oversampling for just a little money!

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