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Faradelay - Phaser/Chorus/Tremolo

Faradelay - Phaser/Chorus/Tremolo

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Chorus, Phaser, and Tremolo all in one!

Why have 3 separate modulated delay plug-ins when you can have one plug-in that does it all? The Chorus, Phaser, and Tremolo are created from the same effect called a modulated delay. Those effects are created by using slight variations for different parameters inside the modulated delay. Faradelay gives you access to those controls so that you can create chorus', phasers, tremolos and everything in between!


Rate, depth, offset, mix, feedback, and gain controls
Choice between sin, and tri wave for LFO
Control of left and right channels independently
Low CPU usage

What is a modulated delay?

A modulated delay works by creating a short delay in the signal and modulating the length of the delay using an LFO. As the LFO goes up and down, so does the current delay time.


Depth - The maximum length of the delay by a percentage of the maximum allowed time in ms.

Rate - Rate of oscillation of the LFO in hertz.

Offset - Offset of the delay from 0ms. For example, an offset of 3ms means that the delay will go from 3ms to the maximum allowed delay time.

LFO - The shape of the LFO as either a sine wave or a triangle wave.

Mix - Ratio of wet signal to dry signal.

Feedback - Percentage of feedback to be mixed into the delay signal.
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