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M4 Multiband Compressor

M4 Multiband Compressor

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The last compressor you will ever need!

M4 Multiband Compressor is designed to be the ultimate mixing and mastering tool. This compressor has 3 user-controlled crossovers resulting in 4 bands that can be as wide or as narrow as you desire. The unique display for M4 shows all of 4 bands together, each with a specialty meter to show threshold, peak level, and gain reduction for the respective band in realtime. All 4 bands are completely in your control by allowing attack time, release time, threshold, ratio, and makeup gain to be set. M4 also has optional auto-makeup gain as well as internal bypass.

M4 can handle anything from subtle peak control to bus compression, and even mastering. This powerful multiband compressor should feel at home in any producer's arsenal. If you don't believe us, check out the sound examples. Or better yet, download the demo and give it a try!



3 user controlled cross-overs
Unique meters that combine peak level, gain reduction, and threshold into one.
Threshold, Attack, Release, Ratio, and Gain controls
Ability to solo each frequency band to hone in the perfect amount of compression
Automatic gain correction
Low CPU usage

The M4 Display

M4's all-in-one meter and frequency controller is almost certainly it's most useful feature. The display will give you an accurate view of the levels across all four frequency bands, as well as how much gain reduction is happening to them in real-time. The gain reduction is show as the darker area at the top of the bar in the meter. Essentially the brighter part of the meter is the level for that band after compression has occurred. The light-blue horizontal line represents the threshold for that particular band.

M4 is available for Windows(32bit & 64bit VST/VST3) Mac OS X(32bit and 64bit VST/AU/VST3) and Linux(64bit VST/VST3).

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